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Hardy plants with unique properties
Pivoting roots that bury deep into the ground seeking underground water and soaking up excess fertilizer which enters the groundwater

  •   More often than not no irrigation required
  •   Low cultivation cost

No or very few phytosanitary treatments for healthy food production
A powerful root system

  •   Enriches the soil with organic matter,
  •   Extracts nutritional elements lost by other plants
  •   Removes deep pollutants

Cultivation cycle: 3 months

  •   Leaves rooms for a 2nd crop in the same year

High rate of methanation

  •   8,000 m3 per hectare

Very high yields: 17 to 25 metric tons of dry material per hectare

  •   Double that of a hectare of forest

High calorie content to make pellets of 17,000 kJ/kg