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We are involved at all stages when developing an agro-industrial complex:


  • With our technical committee, we bring new fundamental research programs to fruition, currently focusing on the development of new sorghums to be used in construction materials or to extract bio-sourced molecules from the stems.
  • With our think-tank, we develop analyses of methods for managing and operating agricultural complexes, conduct monitoring, publish scientific and economic articles, participate in conferences, trade shows, organize different events, dinner debates, visits to installations, etc.
  • Through our relationship network, we comb the globe looking for sites, large holdings or state concessions which offer the necessary traits for executing a reliable, efficient project which satisfies the needs of our  “Partalliance” philosophy. We are looking to develop relationships with international organizations such as the FAO, UNDP, CIS, ADB, etc. as well as certain foundations in order to create technical partnerships and take advantage of funding.
  • We supply the experts required to carry out engineering, management, supervision, etc. roles
  •  We take care of recruitment of managers and staff

During creation of the complex


Before opening the complex and throughout its life, FADIA takes responsibility for all human and social aspects as well as looking for funding for schools, dispensaries, places of worship, sports activities, development of craft zones, etc.
We also co-coordinate training and advisory programs and maintenance of funding (via micro-credits, grants and donations)